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New from iD LiquiD Additives – iD PET PRO, a PET Processing Aid

iD Liquid Additives PET Processing Aid (iD1000-PET PRO) is a unique additive for PET that instantly reduces surface friction, improves mold release and increases scratch resistance without having any adverse effects on the physical properties.

• Beverage Bottles
• Household and Consumer Packaging
• Injection Molded Parts
• Food Packaging
• PET Film and Extruded Sheet

No Effects on Physical Properties of PET
• Excellent color and clarity
• No increase in acetaldehyde generation
• No effect on intrinsic viscosity
• No negative effect on injection pressure

Key Benefits and Features
• Decreases surface friction and mold release force by
up to 60%
• Increases the packing density of preforms by up to 25%
• Improves the packing and processing of molded parts
• Reduces scratch and scuff
• Enhances surface quality
• Easier processing and reduces manufacturing noise
• No adverse effect on the physical properties of PET

Color and Clarity
Results show that there is no visible difference between the
color of the blank PET and that containing the iD PET PRO.
Color and clarity are retained over the lifetime of the polymer.

Bottle Manufacturing
The high surface friction of PET causes delays and downtime
in machinery, excessive noise and packaging difficulties.
iD PET PRO increases the packing density of preforms by up
to 25%, reduces scratching and waste, and can improve the
line flow of the finished bottles. Let iD PET PRO reduce cost
at every stage of the PET molding process.

Regulatory InformationThis product is FDA Compliant for indirect food contactapplications in the USA (CFR21)

Easier Mold Release
iD PET PRO delivers a reduction in mold release force of
up to 60%. By allowing mold release at higher ejection
temperature, the cycle time of production is reduced, and
the number of shots per hour increased. iD PET PRO also
enables increased productivity and reduces waste.

Reduced Surface Friction
iD PET PRO acts as a slip agent, rapidly reducing the
static and kinetic friction on the surface of the PET.
Tests have shown friction reduction results of up to 60%.
This performance is long lasting, and achieved by adding
as little as 2000ppm.


Figure 1: Kinetic CoF vs. Blank in PET when adding 1% iD1000

Figure 2: Color of PET measured on Spectrophotometer

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