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Benefits and Features of iD Purge:

  • All Natural ingredients

  • FDA Compliant and Environmentally Safe

  • Works with ANY RESIN- No Need for Multiple Grades

  • Convenient and Easy to Use Dispensing Bottle

  • Reduces Resin Required to Purge

  • Minimizes Process Equipment Down-Time

  • All Purging Compounds Made in the USA

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iD QuickShots® are single dose purge compounds designed to simplify the purge process while reducing the overall costs. iD QuickShots® are easy to use and require no soaking or temperature adjustments - just drop into the feed throat/hopper and follow with your resin.

Purging couldn't get any easier.


  • Works with ANY RESIN

  • Minimized Down-Time

  • Made in the USA

  • FDA Compliant and Environmentally Safe

Order our Quick Shots now! 

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  • Temperature range is 180-710°F
  • Typical dosage is 1 oz. per 1” screw diameter. (1 inch = 25.4mm)
  • Example: 6” Screw diameter would use 2-3oz. packets.

Store QuickShots® below 95 ºF / 35 °C

Available Sizes

  • 1 oz Packets - Box of 50 (QuickShots®, HD, SP)

  • 3 oz Packets - Box of 24 (QuickShots®, HD, SP)

  • 1/2 oz Packets - Box of 70 (SP only)

Available Options

  • iD QuickShots® (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch)

  • iD QuickShots® HD (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch with glass prills for extra strength)

  • iD QuickShots® SP (QuickShots® pellets in a pouch including extra small 1/2 oz version, ideal for lab lines and small machines)

Along with Purging Compounds, iD Additives offers a full line of Foaming Agents & MRO Maintenance Products 

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