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iD Additives One-Pellet-Solution

Most processors are using several additives procured from various sources. iD can analyze your additives needs and make one convenient concentrate or liquid to accomplish the functions of two or more additives.


iD Additives’ knowledge of additives used in the thermoplastic industry includes:

  • Pigments – Both standard and specialized

  • UV stabilizers

  • Heat Stabilizers

  • Nucleates

  • Antimicrobials

  • Antistats


The advantages of using a masterbatch additive concentrates are as follow:

  • Fewer blending compartments

  • Less chance for improper dosing

  • Better dispersion of low concentration additives

  • Cleaner & Lower cost

One-Pellet-Solution: Color Foam for Structural Foam Molding

- Advantage

- Disadvantage

- Solution

Meet our Technical Manager for One-Pellet Solution:
Ron Bishop
In the Plastics Industry since 1984, Ron Bishop was first introduced to Foaming Agents in 1986 when he went through a series of Paulson Training Program tapes. Ron can foam just about any part that you need to reduce weight & cycle. 
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