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CRI'S BIG HIT **APACHE** _18 Apr 2007_ On impulse, he picks up a set of earplugs, puts them in his ears and then turns up the volume of the television. The video is on 'fast forward' and the news has just started. A young, green reporter with a South American accent is saying, 'The President of Brazil has this morning announced a moratorium on the construction of oil rigs off the coast of Brazil, a move that is being widely seen as a response to ongoing unrest in the Amazon region. The president's decision comes on the back of a tense standoff between Brazilian army troops and indigenous protesters in the area...' A couple of hours ago, a landlocked nation and its president were trying to push their way into an Atlantic Ocean-bound region, and now they're staring at a major oil industry battle. In the background, a bearded figure in a white shirt is waving. Dix emerges from his room a moment later. 'There's a crisis in Rio!' he says, 'You're better off watching it on TV.' Cal turns the television off and then sits down in a hotel armchair. 'Get me the Premier.' The Premier stands up, immediately. 'Rio? What happened?' 'Brazil is getting ready to make a stand, sir.' 'They're going to put up a blockade.' 'I'd say yes, sir.' 'Yes?' 'They're saying we have to get the oil.' 'Get the army in?' 'I'd say that's a good idea.' 'The army? That's like shelling your own people?' 'I'm afraid so.' 'Christ, that's tough. What do they need with so much oil anyway?' 'Possibly, sir, the army has its own interest.' 'In what? I don't understand.' 'Well, sir, the oilfields off Rio could be a significant supplier for the army.' Dix stands up and begins pacing. 'What if they do go to war?' 'I think they have the wherewithal to handle that situation, sir. It's quite likely that the oilfields off Rio will fall to the government.' 'Which means the army will control a major share of the oil. There are three




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Operation Flashpoint Red River Launcher Crack Download kalefin
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