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A Guide to NPE 2024 for Exhibitors and Attendees

For Plastics Proud Blog, we got to ask all the questions from an exhibitor and attendees point of view for NPE 2024 with Daniele Fresca. We are less than a year out from the show!

Danielle Fresca is Director, Trade Show Services for the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS)

Questions for Getting the Most out of Exhibiting at NPE

-What are the key deadline dates exhibitors should be aware of (for hotel rooms, show services, etc.)?

Housing for all exhibitors opens on July 10, and registration for both exhibitors and attendees opens on September 12. The best way to stay up to date on key deadlines is by visiting or logging into your Exhibitor Dashboard. If you need assistance logging into your dashboard, email

-What are some best practices for staffing our booth (booth etiquette, etc.)?

Since NPE hasn’t taken place in six years, we’re anticipating larger than normal attendance from around the world. To account for this, you’ll want to make sure your booth has extra coverage for each line of business. For example, consider additional sales reps to make sure you have appropriate experts on hand to answer questions. There may be an uptick in new or first-time attendees, so make sure you have the staff available to give them increased attention.

-What tools and services are offered to help exhibitors promote their presence at NPE, to drive traffic to their booth?

There are several ways to promote exhibitor participation at NPE, including:

· Exhibitor Guest Passes: Invite valuable customers or prospects to visit you at NPE with a free expo floor pass. Guest passes will be available starting September 12.

· Sponsorships: Promote your brand and drive traffic to your booth with sponsorship opportunities designed for all budgets. More information can be found at

· Social Media: Exhibitors are also encouraged to share NPEs social posts and use #NPE2024 on their own posts. There are show assets at (and don’t forget to mention your booth number and what you’ll be featuring on the show floor.) Additionally, there is a social media form on the Exhibitor Dashboard that can be submitted for an opportunity to be featured on the NPE2024 channels.

Questions for Getting the Most out of Attending NPE

-Are there tools or planners that will help attendees find the suppliers they're looking for at NPE?

· Exhibitor List: The best place to start is by browsing the exhibitor list and sorting the list by product type. This will give attendees a comprehensive list of everyone displaying the goods and services they’re interested in.

· Social Media: The NPE2024 social channels will be highlighting exhibitors leading up to the show. By following the pages on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, attendees might be introduced to new exhibitors and products they hadn’t thought about previously.

· Technology Zones: The NPE2024 show floor will feature six industry specific Technology Zones to help attendees narrow down suppliers and providers geared towards their business and market.

--What are the key deadline dates attendees should be aware of (for booking hotel rooms, etc.)?

· July 10, 2023: Exhibitor housing opens

· September 12, 2023: Attendee and exhibitor registration opens, and housing is available for attendees (Pro tip: book housing early, rooms will go quickly!)

· December 15, 2023: Early Bird Registration ends — this includes the best rates on 100+ education sessions and networking events like the all-new Opening Night Party and Women’s Breakfast.

-What's new and different about NPE2024 from previous NPE shows?

In the nearly six years since the last NPE, the industry has seen countless advancements in everything from technology to the interest in sustainability. NPE2024 will highlight these exciting changes with a bigger, more personalized “Made For You” experience than ever before. Attendees will meet more than 2,000 exhibitors, including 350 of which are brand new to the show floor, while enjoying all-new features, like:

· Keynote sessions

· Expanded education (100+ sessions to choose from)

· Women’s Breakfast

· Opening Night Party

· Spaces highlighting sustainable solutions and the circular economy

Thank you Daniele Fresca for your thoughtful answers for the Plastics Proud Blog and we can't wait for NPE 2024 from May 6th-10th. Visit iD Additives @ booth # S32033!

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