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iD Additives 2021 Wrap Up

Written by: Carolyn Young

Another year down here at iD Additives! We had a busy year and are very proud of all we accomplished as a company. We have grown and we were able to be a little more in person with our customers. We really enjoyed being back at it! Here is an overview of our 2021:


PLASTEC WEST- Anaheim, CA- August 10th-12th

It was great to be back in person and Thank You to Tony Radoszewski and other industry friends for stopping at our booth

We will be at PLASTEC WEST 2022!

Amerimold, Extrusion, and Molding 2021- Rosemont, IL- September 21st-23rd

This was a very successful show and Bryan Whitaker gave a speech with Smartflow's Mark Brown!

AMBA Chicago Supplier's Night- Chicago, IL- October 27th

Bryan Whitaker, Rob Young, and Carolyn Young talked all things Tooling and MRO Maintenance with the AMBA members!

Plastics Extrusion World Expo- Cleveland, OH- November 3rd-4th

Dave Denzel and Bryan Whitaker had a great time at this show! Bryan gave a speech on Cleaning Chill Rolls and Heat Exchangers on an Extrusion Line

MAPP Show- Indianapolis, IN- November 3rd-5th

One of the iD Additives teams favorite shows! Always nice to see everyone and we always leave with more knowledge.

We will be at MAPP 2022!


with iD Additives

In 2020, we started our Zoom Chat series. It was a great way to reach out and connect to our customers while staying safe. In 2021, we kept the series going!

Coffee & Rust- an interactive Zoom Chat with Bryan Whitaker- February 10th

Zoom Chat: Foam it or Fill it- May 5th

Click here to watch full presentation:

Don't Oxidize, Maximize Your Shutdown for the Holidays! - June 23rd

Click here to watch the full presentation:

How to Set Up Your First Virtual Event with Carolyn Young:

Stay tuned for more Zoom Chats in 2022!

Milestones/ Events

iD Additives welcomed two new employees to the team!

Paiton Powell- Warehouse Coordinator

Robert Young- Account Manager

We are excited and happy to be growing!

We hit 300 YouTube subscribers and made tons of content! Check it out and hit the subscribe button:

New year, new look! We got all new corporate brochures and banners. Thank you Next Step Communications for the new designs!

The week of September 14th, it was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. We made gift bags for the truck drivers that come in to our Aurora, IL warehouse. We are so thankful for the trucking companies & drivers we work with- especially during the pandemic. Thank you for all that you do!

If you are from the Chicagoland area, you know that Arlington Race Track closed in September. On September 20th, we hosted our last Day at the Races to say goodbye to such a great place we all love. It was a blast!

Various golf outings this year with SPE!

Our iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart got a new look this year!

We started offering Gift Cards to our online store. Perfect gift for a Plastics Industry friend:

Here is all the Plastics Proud Blog Posts we did in 2021!

Tips on How to Plan and Organize a Virtual Event with Carolyn Young!

Click here to read

Preventative Maintenance Purge Program to Avoid Pulling the Screw in Injection Molding

Click here to read

Scientific Cooling Course by Burger & Brown Engineering

Click here to read

How to Attract and Retain Employees with Dan Regovich

Click here to read


We had many different articles written in 2021 about iD Additives. Thank you to everyone who did an article on us and our products!

March 24th, 2021

"Resin shortages put strain on processors"

Written by: Karen Hanna

October 7th, 2021

"Nick Sotos: In the business to help"

Written by: Karen Hanna

March 31st, 2021

"Foaming agent sales up at ID as resin prices rise"

Written by: Frank Esposito

April 28th, 2021

"New ID Additives materials spotlight rust removal, water line care"

Written by: Frank Esposito

June 22nd, 2021

"Foam PP to Improve Sustainability and Cost"

Written by: Lilli Manolis Sherman

This year, we asked everyone on the iD Additives team to share their favorite memory of 2021 along with pictures to go with it! Also, a movie recommendation if they had one:

"One of my favorite memories of 2021 is the trip that Jean and I took to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jean flew and I drove. It gave me the opportunity to drive a good portion of Old Route 66 and to see a lot of beautiful scenery and historic sites. I got to stay at the Price Tower hotel in the only “skyscraper” designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was a beautiful building and the rooms were decorated in mid-century modern furnishings. Santa Fe was incredible. It is the oldest state capitol in the North America and it boasts some incredible architecture and is a huge artists community. Jean and I really enjoyed it and are planning on going back again. We also got to get Dottie a Southwest themed carrier bag.

My movie recommendation would be Dune. I am a big fan of science fiction and I read the book by Frank Herbert before seeing the movie. I thought the sets and visual aspects of the movie were incredible and I am looking forward to the upcoming movies in this series." - Nick Sotos, President

"One of the special highlights of the year was my oldest daughter Maria’s Senior Night at York High School.

They announced all the seniors before Varsity football game."- Heather Vitullo, Logistics Manager

"The hardest thing during this health crisis was not being able to meet Customers and Prospects to help solve purge issues in person, so it feels good that 2021 has allowed some visits to make some piles of **** Purge again. Nothing feels better than getting on the floor and speaking face to face and that includes recent Trade Shows. We still can’t take away the importance of virtual visits (Teams, Zoom). What a great learning tool this has been that must continue to be integrated in our everyday lives.


Black Widow

Anything Marvel or DC

Must see Movie Classic:

Close Encounters of the Third Kind."- Dave Denzel, Purge Technical Manager

"It’s hard to pick just one memory or experience from 2021 as it was filled with a lot of great experiences. People started meeting in person again and we had a lot of great family celebrations throughout the year. We moved late summer 2020 so it was a lot of fun watching all the neighborhood kids play throughout the spring and summer. The one experience that stood out was a little vacation we took with two of our neighborhood families. We packed up 6 kids, 6 adults and 2 dogs and headed to a small lake in Michigan. We spent 3 days relaxing on the lake, boating, grilling, roasting marshmallows on the bonfire, canoeing, swimming, building sand castles and soaking up the sun. It was a bonding experience for the kids and adults! We left with the distinct impression that we just celebrated year one of a newly created annual tradition among what was quickly becoming a group of best friends. We photographed a lot of great memories over the long weekend, but failed to get a full group photo. Add that to the itinerary for the 2022 trip!

My movie recommendation: In The Heights"- Lindsay Hosanna, Director of Administrative Operations

"Good memories, with my wife in the mountains of CO Springs. What a beautiful hike we had that day.

I have never seen bees congregate like this, a couple days later they were all gone.

Enjoyed my grandchildren July 4 celebration. We had a blast."- Ron Bishop- Chemical Foaming Agent Technical Manager

" In January, my husband Rob and I bought our first house. We spent all of February painting the entire house, tearing down walls in our basement, cleaning, shoveling, and moving in. Painting did get old fast, but we had so much fun making the house our own. My dad even bought painting overalls for the occasion and we had many friends come over and help us. We hosted a Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Halloween Party with our friends and family this past year, which was such a blast. 2021 was still a strange year and we are all still working together during these times, but the memories Rob and I made at our new home with loved ones makes it one of the best years yet!

Movie recommendation: Prisoners. If you are into Thrillers, I highly recommend this one!"- Carolyn Young, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

"My favorite part from 2021 was when my wife Carolyn and I adopted our first dog, a 2 year old Fawn Boston Terrier named Bonnie. We drove about 4 hours to get her near Saint Louis, but she was well worth the drive. She’s sweet and loves everyone she meets. She’ll remind you to pet her occasionally, with a gentle paw nudge. She’s only been with us a couple weeks so far and we can’t wait for the many years to come with her.

Movie I’d recommend: Mystic River"- Rob Young, Account Manager

"This is the thing I’m most proud of doing this year. I’ve moved out on my own and I’m graduating college in a few days. I’ve accomplished a lot more than I thought I would this year and I’m super proud of that. So my favorite overall memory is the moment I finished putting my place together.

As for my movie recommendation, I suggest watching The Harder They Fall. It’s a very new movie and it’s on Netflix. It’s a black western that was AMAZING! I never thought I’d watch a movie with an all black cast set in western culture." -Paiton Powell, Warehouse Coordinator

"It’s hard for me to pinpoint one memorable experience during 2021, but I can generalize it down to simply saying what was most memorable to me was being able to watch my now 2 and a ½ year old learn and explore the world around him. From learning to communicate more effectively to growing his love for animals, it was a very exciting year! One positive outcome from COVID was being able to stay off the road more than usual, as it allowed me to witness the countless new discoveries through his eyes.

As far as a movie recommendation goes…I’m afraid my repertoire has been limited to whatever is on Disney+, as Liam loves animated movies. As any parent knows, children are exhausting, so it’s hard to find time to dive into many movies. That being said, I really enjoyed the Apple Series, “See,” starring Jason Momoa, as well as the Ted Lasso series."- Bryan Whitaker, Technical Manager for iD Eco-Pro 360

"My favorite experience / memory of 2021 must be when my wife Donna and I dropped our daughter Rena off for her first year of college at the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse. It was both a happy and sad experience for all involved. Donna and I were very sad to see our little girl leaving home for the first time, but we were also extremely proud of the wonderful young lady she has turned into. We were very excited for her as she entered this next chapter of learning and adulthood. There were many tears shed that day by all of us, but there were also many laughs. I, personally, will remember that day with great pride.

My movie recommendation would have to be James Bond: No Time to Die, not just because it was the only movie I saw this year, but because I really like Daniel Craig as James Bond. It was an awesome send off to a great James bond actor. I will also note, that seeing it in IMAX is worth the extra cost. It just makes the experience of watching an action movie with great chase scenes so much better. On a side note, my brother Nick and I have seen all the Daniel Craig – James Bond movies in IMAX together within days of there release, and I always like hanging out with my brother."- John Sotos, Operations Manager

"My favorite memory of 2021 was our summer family vacation to South Haven, MI. Movie recommendation is My Octopus Teacher. Very sad, but very good."- Jeff Chierici, Warehouse Manager

The whole iD Additives team appreciates the support from our customers and suppliers this year. We hope you all have a safe and healthy Holiday & New Year. We are excited for 2022 and think it will be a great year.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at iD Additives!

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