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iD Additives First Ever Open House!

By: Carolyn Sotos

On Friday, October 11th, in Aurora, IL we had our first ever Open House for our rust remover/ preventative iD Eco-Pro 360.

iD Eco-Pro 360 is a high performance one-step rust remover and provides extended rust protection. EPA tested and verified - this product is a green, water-based, environmentally safe, non-flammable, ready-to-use rust remover and long-term rust preventative.

Benefits and Features

  • It removes mill oil, flash rust, and white rust without etching

  • Works on all ferrous & non-ferrous metal surfaces

  • Cleans, coats, and seals-preventing further oxidation

  • Reduces labor, time, and cost

  • Product can be re-used (filter out rust particles from bath)

  • It is a non-aerosol product 

  • Spray, brush, or dip

  • Made in the U.S.A.

The new iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart is a pump and filter combination unit. It removes, protects, and helps prevent rust within cooling passages, heat exchangers, and water lines. The built-in filter function allows the Eco-Pro 360 solution to remain at peak performance for optimal reusability.

Features and benefits of the new iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart include:

  • No rubber seals/components for chemicals to break down

  • Runs off of compressed air, no electrical connections needed

  • When used with iD Eco-Pro 360, no water is needed

  • Operating capacity is 5 to 55 gallons

  • Unit can be supplied with HDPE plastic drum for iD Eco-Pro 360 (various sizes available)

The iD Eco-Pro 360 is a very visual product and we wanted to show our customers in the Aurora, IL area how the Solution and Cart work together to clean Cooling Passages, Heat Exchangers, Water Lines, Tools, and more. Our Technical Manager for the iD Eco-Pro 360, Bryan Whitaker has learned a lot about our product and how many different applications it can be used through his Mold Traxx training and many flushing demo experiences.

Bryan Whitaker prepared a presentation and flushing demo for the Open House. We would like to thank the following people for supplying us tools to flush for this event:

  • Mike Stiles at R&D/Leverage (the tool)

  • Ron Brown at Flambeau (a tool, insert)

  • Brian Schuette at Spartan, along with Mike Krause at BPC (heat exchanger)

  • Dan Wielenberg at Avon Plastics (heat exchanger)

  • Derek & Jay Wetzel at Plastics Processors (extrusion dies)

For Bryan's demo, he flushed out a Heat Exchanger and Cooling Passage. Here are the before and after pictures of first the Heat Exchanger and then the Cooling Passages in the tool.

Flow meter reading during the demo was 2.30 GPM’s (gallon’s per minute), flow reading after was 2.51, which is a 9% increase in flow. The other circuit was 2.60 GPM’s before, up to 2.86 GPM’s after, a 10% increase in flow.

We also had a "Do It Yourself Station" so people could try using the iD Eco-Pro 360 themselves to clean rust of of tools. Once the demo was finished, we let our guests come up to see how the Cart was working and asked questions.

Here is the live stream video of Bryan Whitaker's flushing demo. If you are having trouble watching- please click here to view on YouTube.

We want to say Thank You to everyone who attended our first Open House and to everyone who helped us make it possible!

Questions on our iD Eco-Pro 360? Click here to email us for more information!

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