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Introducing Plastics Proud Blog with Ron Bishop

Written By: Carolyn Sotos

Ron Bishop-Technical Manager

Welcome to the first official post of the Plastics Proud blog where we talk all things Plastics! To open this new addition to the iD Additives website, I interviewed the one and only Foaming Agent master, Ron Bishop.

Ron Bishop has been with iD Additives since 2005 as our Technical Manager for our line of Foaming Agents. He was iD Additives’ first Technical Manager and represents the core values of our company, and what we believe in when it comes to customer service.

He really brings our slogan “Unmatched Technical Support for Innovative Products” to life. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him and talking about his experience in the industry and how he feels Foaming Agents have evolved.

How did you first get into the Plastics Industry?

“I started in the Plastics Industry in 1984, when I was offered a job at Rubbermaid Commercial Products. I started in the packing, operating, and processing departments of Rubbermaid and this was my first experience around plastics. Then in 1986, I went through the series of Paulson Training Programs tapes (VHS at the time)! to get more experience and knowledge on the technical side of plastics. This is when I was introduced to Foaming Agents and how they worked.”

What is your favorite part of a product trial?

“My favorite part of a product trial is educating people on what foam can do and helping companies save money. I learn something new every time I do a trial and that is one thing I love about my job the most. There is always something to take away from a product trial and I’ve done a lot of them over the years.”

What mindset do you have before going into a trial?

“I try my best to go in to every trial with an open and positive mindset. I know that I give it my all when I go into a foaming trial and tell the customer exactly what I believe they need to do to get the best results. I make sure to examine all possible ways to help them get the best weight and cycle time reduction.”

What changes have you seen in your career when it comes to Foaming Agent?

“Plastics throughout the years have changed dramatically with all the new technology and it is no different with Foaming Agents. The one major thing I have seen change in the years I have been working with Foaming Agents is the bubble size. Foaming Agents now create a smaller bubble size and that gives better density reduction and helps with sink mark issues. The process has evolved so much over the years as I have learned more about Foaming Agents and what they can do. Foaming Agents are more process-driven then the actual Foaming Agents themselves. If anything is slightly off in the process, the Foaming Agent will not work properly. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot on how to perfect this process to maximize results for our customers."

What does “unmatched technical support” mean to you?

“I believe our slogan means going to customers with our products and taking our time to explore how we can achieve the best possible results. I really enjoy taking my years of experience and teaching more people in the industry how Foaming Agents can save them time and money. I also believe it means asking the customer what they are trying to achieve with our products, listening closely to what they say, and tailoring the process to fulfill all the customer’s needs.”

Thank you to Ron Bishop for sitting down to talk all things Foaming Agents for the first Plastics Proud Blog!

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