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UV Stabilizer Systems

iD Additives offers a broad range of Hindered Amine Stabilizers (HAS) UV systems for the Polymer Additives Industry. These UV systems alone and in concert with other organic stabilizers have been developed to provide a cost effective package that Extends the Useful Life of the end products into which they are added. Hindered Amine Stabilizers alone are effective at protecting from both Thermal and Photoxidative attack.


Our UV systems have been tailored using the Hindered Amines as the backbone to provide greater durability to meet the increased demands for a wide range of outdoor end uses (Wood Composites, Outdoor Furniture, Stadium Seating, Pipe, Film for Chemically Aggressive applications, etc…).

Our UV systems come in pellet form, as shown to the left, or in a liquid form and both are very easy to work with.

UV Stabilizer

Comparison Test Data available upon request:

Comparison Test Data available upon request:

We stand behind our UV Stabilizer Products and want to make sure you are satisfied with the UV Stabilizers from iD Additives. We have a wide variety of UV Test Equipment that is available to you at no cost to run tests on your processes:

  • Color Change Testers

  • Q-SUN Testers

  • Spectro Testers (Shown above Right)

  • Spectro 2 Testers

UV Stabilizer
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