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Founded in 2005, iD Additives offers Chemical Foaming Agents, Purging Compounds, Plastic Mold Cleaners, Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Systems, and other products for the Plastics Industry. We also supply quality raw materials including resin, regrind, color concentrates, and calcium carbonate.

iD Additives prides ourselves in our "Unmatched Technical Support for Innovative Products". We are able to offer our products along with the education and expertise of our Technical Managers to save your company time, money, energy, and more. Along with the Technical Support, we offer FREE samples of all our products. 

Chemical Foaming Agent

Chemical Foaming Agent

Plastic Mold Cleaner

Plastic Mold Cleaner


Purging Compound

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning System

Plastic Mold Cleaning System

Welcome to iD Additives

Founded in 2005, iD Additives offers full lines of Foaming Agents, Liquid Foam, Purging Compounds, MRO Products, and other Additives for the Plastics Industry. For any additional needs, we will quickly design custom products. Our unique compounding technology allows us to provide our customers with speed, versatility, and accuracy. Coupling foaming agent technology with other additive and colorant needs allows us to offer a cost effective, “One Pellet Solution” for our customers.

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