Eco-Pro 360 Cool EX

All-Organic Cleaning and Maintenance Products for Water Lines. Designed to optimize closed-loop cooling water systems, the new iD Eco-Pro 360 Cool EX products are the next step in cooling line cleaning and maintenance for your plastics machinery and equipment!​
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Benefits & Features

  • Eco-Pro 7:54 industrial cleaner for safe and effective scaled and metal oxide corrosion product cleaning
  • Eco-Pro Cool EX conditioning formula for preventing cooling water system corrosion and mineral scale fouling

Cool Under Pressure

Unleash the Power of Eco-Pro 360 Cool EX for Peak Performance

Elevate the efficiency and longevity of your plastics machinery with our revolutionary iD Eco-Pro 360 Cool EX products, expertly designed for closed-loop cooling water systems. Witness the transformative effects of Eco-Pro 7:54, an all-organic industrial cleaner that safely and effectively tackles scale and metal oxide corrosion. Follow it with our Eco-Pro Cool EX conditioning formula to prevent corrosion and mineral scale fouling in your cooling water system. 

These innovative solutions are not just about cleaning; they’re about maintaining peak performance and extending the life of your equipment. See the dramatic before-and-after difference in your pipe sections and experience the true potential of your machinery.

Inside of pipes before and after using Coolex

Meet Bryan Whitaker, iD Eco-Pro Coolex Technical Manager

MoldTrax trained and very experienced with flushing out tools, cooling passages, heat exchangers, and more. Bryan can answer any questions about rust maintenance in the Plastics Industry.