National Pet’s Day: The Pets of iD Additives

,As many of you know, pets become family very quickly. In honor of National Pet’s Day, we had everyone with pets at iD Additives share a picture and description of their pets.

“Pictured above is Bonnie. She is a Fawn Boston Terrier that we adopted when she was two years old. She loves to go for walks and be playful, but be lazy and cuddle on the sofa just as much. When she wants attention, she will make sure she uses her paw to nudge you until you give her scratches. To this day, we still have never heard her bark and we have had her for almost 2 years. She is such a good girl!” 
– Rob Young – Account Manager & Carolyn Young – Sales & Marketing Coordinator

“Chewy is a 13 year old yorkie. He has lived a life of leisure and is currently enjoying his senior years sleeping away the days in his doggie bed. While he has battled some health issues in his later years, he is tough and steadfast. He is a beloved member of the Hosanna family and by far the stinkiest.”
Lindsay Hosanna, SHRM-CP – Director of Administrative Operations

“This is Beanie! She’s 4 years old, talkative, and very wishy washy with when and how she wants her attention. One minute she doesn’t want to be touched but the second I leave the room she follows to sit somewhere near me. She’s extremely affectionate and loves her little face rubbed. Adopting her at the end of last year was maybe the best idea I’ve ever had!”
Paiton Powell- Warehouse Coordinator

“This is Shaggy Denzel. She’s a Golden Doodle and just turned 10 years old as of March and still acts like a puppy. She had spa day before Christmas and this is probably one of the most still PIC we ever got from her. She gets a sleeve of Tennis Balls every year and I have to play with her at 5:15 PM every day like clockwork.”
Dave Denzel – Purging Compound Technical Manager

“Marshall, the rescue pit bull, came to our family when he was 4 years old. He loves couches, laying on his favorite humans, and crunchy snacks. He loves meeting new people and has the sweetest temperament”
Jeff Chierici – Warehouse Manager

“Hi. Since joining my family at around age 7 in 2019, I’ve been living large in the city. Hobbies include mooching off of people food plates, hunting for slivers of sun to lay in, and chasing toys in the hallway. I solidified my place in iD history when I peed on the office carpet that one time. Ooops. My street name is “Purse Troll”
Nick Sotos – President

“Tig was my first dog, adopted around 2 years old, and shared 10.5 of his years with me. He earned the love of many people, and more importantly, changed the perception many have of his breed. From being my best friend, then my wife’s (who still says she was his favorite), and then my son’s best friend, he is very sorely missed, but will always be remembered with happy memories!”
– Bryan Whitaker – Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Systems Technical Manager

“This is Roxy. She is 8 years old and has now decided she can sit on our couch!”
Heather Vitullo – Logistics Manager

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” — John Grogan

Happy National Pet’s Day!

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