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Chemical Foaming Agent


Benefits of Endothermic Foaming Agents:

  • Most cost effective solution

  • Adds no color to the process

  • Releases Carbon Dioxide

  • Improves compatibility of additives and resins

  • Typically triggers at lower temperatures

  • Removes heat form the melt

  • Reduces the melt viscosity of resin allowing lower operating temperatures

  • Outgases very quickly

  • Our products are available in concentrate, powder or liquid forms.

Chemical Foaming Agent
Chemical Foaming Agent
Chemcial Foaming Agent

Check out our video gallery with more info on our Foaming Agent!

Ron Bishop
Meet our Technical Manager for Foaming Agent:
Ron Bishop
In the Plastics Industry since 1984, Ron Bishop was first introduced to Foaming Agents in 1986 when he went through a series of Paulson Training Program tapes. Ron can foam just about any part that you need to reduce weight & cycle. 
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