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Micro Fine Cell

Our “Micro Fine Cell” foaming agents were specifically developed to produce a Micro Fine Cellular structure with the uniform distribution of the cells on a consistent basis throughout the production cycle.  “Micro Fine Cell” foaming agents are available as Endothermic or Exothermic foaming agents pelletized in the iDPel carrier compound. They are also available in powder or liquid forms.

The “Micro Fine Cell” performs equally well in flexible or rigid polymers.  Examples are:

  • Polyolefins – Polyethylene, Polypropylene

  • Polystyrene – HIPS, ABS

  • Polyurethanes

  • TPE’s & TPO’s

  • Engineering Grades and High Temp Resins

The “Micro Fine Cell” works in a number of different processing applications:

Injection Molding The “MicroFine Cell” produces foam with a much smaller and tighter cell structure than normal endothermic CFAs, resulting in improved appearance and better physical properties.  Itis very effective in thin wall applications such as caps and closures.

Extrusion Blow Molding  The “Micro Fine Cell” used in extrusion blow molding applications can provide substantial savings in polymer and cycle without detracting from the cosmetics.

Film and Sheet extrusion The “Micro Fine Cell” extremely fine cellular structure makes it ideal for film and sheet extrusion. It works well in common packaging resins such as PE, PP, PS and PET.

Wire and Cable extrusion The “Micro Fine Cell” extremely fine cellular structure makes it ideal for wire and cable extrusion.

We offer a wide variety of foaming agents using the “Micro Fine Cell” technology with varying levels or activity and activation temps.  Please check with your iD Additives sales representative for specific processing information for your products.  As with all iD Additives products, we offer complete technical support in running our products in your processes.

All of our “Micro Fine Cell” foaming agents can also be paired up with Color and/or other additives such as UV Stabilizers to create a “One Pellet Solution”.

Ron B&W.jpg
Meet our Technical Manager for Foaming Agent:
Ron Bishop
In the Plastics Industry since 1984, Ron Bishop was first introduced to Foaming Agents in 1986 when he went through a series of Paulson Training Program tapes. Ron can foam just about any part that you need to reduce weight & cycle. 
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