iD QuickShots® are single-dose purging compounds designed to simplify the purge process while reducing the overall costs. iD QuickShots® are easy to use and require no soaking or temperature adjustments – just drop into the feed throat/hopper and follow with your resin. Purging couldn’t get any easier.

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iD Additives’ knowledge of additives used in the thermoplastic industry includes:
  • Works with ANY RESIN
  • Minimized Down-Time
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA Compliant and Environmentally Safe

Quickshots Specifications

Spec Description
Spec Temp
Description Temperature range is 180-710°F
Spec Dosage
Description Typical dosage is 1 oz. per 1” screw diameter. (1 inch = 25.4mm), e.g.: 6” Screw diameter would use 2-3oz. packets
Spec Storage
Description Store QuickShots® below 95 ºF / 35 °C acturing one product instead of two is passed on to the customer.
Spec Sizes
Description 1 oz Packets - Box of 50 (QuickShots®, HD, SP); 3 oz Packets - Box of 24 (QuickShots®, HD, SP); 1/2 oz Packets - Box of 70 (SP only)
Spec Options
Description iD QuickShots® (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch); iD QuickShots® HD (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch with glass prills for extra strength); iD QuickShots® SP (QuickShots® pellets in a pouch including extra small 1/2 oz version, ideal for lab lines and small machines)

— What They're Saying —

Clare Goldsberry, Plastics Today

“Quickshots reportedly reduced scrap by up to 60%, slashed downtime by 55% and helped achieve 63% total cost savings. “We loved the results, so we went ahead with a large order,” said Ferguson. Blackhawk Molding is now using QuickShots on all of its molding machines and molds at the Sparks facility.”

Clare Goldsberry, Plastics Today

Quickshots FAQ

Find answers to some of the most common questions we receive regarding our Quickshots product. We hope this information will be helpful to you, and if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

iD QuickShots™ consist of Poly Bag that melts at a very low temperature; and a High-Performance Liquid Purging solution that is pre-measured either 1 oz. or 3 oz. into the Poly Bag and then sealed- making the iD QuickShots™ easy and safe to use.

iD QuickShots™ are extremely easy to use- just place the entire bag into the feed throat and followup with the desired resin, charge the barrel and allow a few minutes before beginning the purge cycle. For best results follow the iD QuickShots™ Purging Guidelines supplied in each box. Dosing is very easy: One (1)- 1 oz. iD QuickShots™ for every One Inch (1”) of screw diameter. 

Example: 1” Screw diameter would require 1oz. or 1- 1 oz. iD QuickShots™ 2” Screw diameter would require 2 oz. or 2- 1 oz. iD QuickShots™ 3” Screw diameter would require 3 oz. or 3- 1 oz. or 1- 3 oz. iD QuickShots™.

Purge Cycles that require more than multiple iD QuickShots™ should be spaced evenly and follow with the desired resin until the entire barrel is charged.

Typically, there are no adjustments necessary to the process equipment.
The FDA does not approve nor regulate purging products, however all active ingredients of the iD QuickShots™ are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA and compliant for use in applications that are in direct contact with food.

Since iD QuickShots™ are polymer-free, the active ingredients are compatible with ANY thermoplastics resin- even the high temperature resins like PEEK and PPO’s.

iD QuickShots™ contain no abrasives or particles that will damage the integrity of the mold or it’s surfaces. It is recommended to use the iD QuickShots™ to clean Manifolds, Hot-Runner Systems, Mixing Nozzles, Check Rings, Melt Pumps and any other components that are hard to reach or difficult to clean.

Using the following cost comparison reveals the typical cost savings realized with iD QuickShots™:

One Inch (1”) Screw diameter Screw/Barrel
One- 1 oz. iD QuickShots™ $1.85
10 lbs. of Polypropylene Natural 12 melt @ $.70/lb. $7.00
Total: $8.85

One Inch (1”) Screw diameter Screw/Barrel
10 lbs. of Ready-To-Use Purge Compound @ $2.00/lb.
(Rinse Resin) 3 lbs. of Polypropylene Natural 12 melt @ $.70/lb. $ 2.10
Total $22.10

In this scenario- the iD QuickShots™ represent a 60% Savings in Resin Costs alone.

Yes, outside of the initial reaction in the screw and barrel, the polymer that exits the process equipment is contaminated (carbon, color or degraded resin deposits) but can be molded or ground up to be used in a utility part such as Black- where contamination is not an issue.

Ease of Use; Reduced Cost to Purge; Reduced Inventory Space; Parts can be molded, or scrap can be reused if desired; Unmatched Technical Support.

We recommend iD QuickShots for Shut Down and Start-Ups in any plastic processing application to increase efficiencies of the start-up and reduce build-up on the screw and barrel.

When used as directed in the iD QuickShots Purging Guidelines there are no trace deposits that would require an additional rinse or purge cycle with natural resin.

Most potential customers assume that they must tear the Poly Bag open and Pour the contents into the feed throat- they are amusingly satisfied when they learn that there is no need to open the bag- deposit the entire bag into the feed throat and follow up with desired resin. Simple and Easy.

Meet Dave Denzel, iD Purge Technical Manager

In the Plastics Industry since 1984 and even having some experience teaching high school students in the field of injection molding technology, Dave Denzel can offer great tips and technical support for your purging process.