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Purging Compound

Drop. Purge. Save.

iD QuickShots® are single dose purging compound designed to simplify the purge process while reducing the overall costs. iD QuickShots® are easy to use and require no soaking or temperature adjustments - just drop into the feed throat/hopper and follow with your resin.

Purging couldn't get any easier.


  • Works with ANY RESIN

  • Minimized Down-Time

  • Made in the USA

  • FDA Compliant and Environmentally Safe

Purging Compound
CCC Plastics
Exclusive Distributor in Canada!
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  • Temperature range is 180-710°F
  • Typical dosage is 1 oz. per 1” screw diameter. (1 inch = 25.4mm)
  • Example: 6” Screw diameter would use 2-3oz. packets.

Available Sizes

  • 1 oz Packets - Box of 50 (QuickShots®, HD, SP)

  • 3 oz Packets - Box of 24 (QuickShots®, HD, SP)

  • 1/2 oz Packets - Box of 70 (SP only)

Available Options

  • iD QuickShots® (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch)

  • iD QuickShots® HD (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch with glass prills for extra strength)

  • iD QuickShots® SP (QuickShots® pellets in a pouch including extra small 1/2 oz version, ideal for lab lines and small machines)


Store QuickShots® below 95 ºF / 35 °C

Interested in a sample?

Check out our video gallery with more info on our Single Dose Purging Compound- Quick Shots!
Purging Compound
iD QuickShots® HD
Purging Compound
Purging Compound
iD QuickShots®
iD QuickShots® SP

Quick Shots Customer Testimonial! 

Plastics Today
"Quickshots reportedly reduced scrap by up to 60%, slashed downtime by 55% and helped achieve 63% total cost savings. “We loved the results, so we went ahead with a large order,” said Ferguson. Blackhawk Molding is now using QuickShots on all of its molding machines and molds at the Sparks facility."
Written by: Clare Goldsberry with Plastics Today
Dave Denzel

Meet the Technical Manager for iD Purge:

Dave Denzel

In the Plastics Industry since 1984 and even having some experience teaching high school students in the field of injection molding technology, Dave Denzel can offer great tips and technical support for your purging process

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