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iD Additives 2020 Wrap Up

Written by: Carolyn Young

As we all know, it has been a weird year to say the least. We have all been faced with challenges and had to get creative during a very uncertain time. Between lockdowns, social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, and more, the iD Additives team is proud of what we were able to accomplish this year. We all came together as a team to face the unknown: the year of 2020. Here is a summary of what we did this year:


PLASTEC WEST- Anaheim, CA- February 11th-13th

PCS Company shared a booth with us and they sold a cart at the show. We delivered it right to the customer!

We will be at PLASTEC WEST 2021!

University of Wisconsin-Stout Career Fair- Menomonie, WI- March 3rd

Learn more about the Careers at iD Additives:

Amerimold Connects-First Virtual Show!- June 9th-12th

We are signed up for Amerimold 2021!

Click here to watch out Tool Room Live Presentation for Amerimold Connect with Bryan Whitaker:

MAPP Conference 2020- Virtual- October 19th-23rd

The iD Additives team had a blast at the MAPP Conference 2020. We had some great conversations with people and learned a lot.

We will be at MAPP Conference 2021!

Zoom Chats with iD Additives!

This year, everything went virtual so we got creative on how to connect with our customers and started a new thing called Zoom Chats. We hosted virtual open houses for our customers to join us to learn more about our products, our Technical Managers processes, tips & tricks, see live demos, and more! This year we hosted three different Zoom Chats!

iD Eco-Pro 360 Zoom Chats with Bryan Whitaker! August 5th- Aurora Warehouse

Click here to see a recap clips from the Open House:

Reducing Part Weight and Cycle Times Using Foaming Agents with Ron Bishop- November 4th- Aurora Warehouse

Click here to see the full Zoom Live with Ron Bishop:

How to Maximize Results while Purging with Dave Denzel- December 9th- Aurora Warehouse

Click here to see the full Zoom Live with Dave Denzel:

Stay tuned for our first Zoom Chats in 2021 on 2/10/2021 on our iD Eco-Pro 360!


We hired a new Technical Manager for our iD Purge in March. Welcome to the team, Dave Denzel!

iD Additives names Soluciones Plasticas the official distributor in Mexico and Latin America!

Click here to learn more:


Click here to learn more:

iD Additives turned 15 years old this year!

We added tons of new content to our YouTube Channel. Make sure to check it out and hit that Subscribe button!

iD Additives is so thankful for Essential Healthcare Workers and we wanted to give back to them since they are the heroes of 2020. We teamed up with Milkstop and Grand Avenue Preschool & Daycare to give the Doctors and Nurses on the COVID-Unit at Elmhurst, IL Hospital lunch and homemade ornaments from the kids. Happy Holidays to all healthcare workers and THANK YOU for everything you do!

Blog Posts

Here are all the blogs we wrote for 2020:

All things Human Resources with Jane Murtaugh

Click here to read:

Mold, Media, and Marketing with Christina Fuges

Click here to read:

Tips on Working from Home with the iD Additives team!

Click here to read:

Celebrating Earth Day with SPE Educator, Mark Wolverton!

Click here to read:

Western Case- iD Eco-Pro 360 Case Study

Click here to read:

Sales Tips with President of iD Additives, Nick Sotos

Click here to read:

Basic Purging/ MRO Maintenance Tips with iD Additives!

Click here to read:

Extrusion Purging/ MRO Maintenance Tips with iD Additives!

Click here to read:


We had many different articles written in 2020 about iD Additives!

February 2020 Issue

Problem Solved "System Cuts Clean-Up Time for Mold Cooling Channels"

Written by: Bruce Adams

Click here to read:

March 10th, 2020

"Chemical foaming technology for lightweighting evolves"

Written by: Bruce Geiselman

Click here to read:

October 9th, 2020

"Polishing up on cleaning techniques saves time, costs"

Written by: Karen Hanna

Click here to read:

October 18th, 2020

"Regular purging ensures quality parts"

Written by: Karen Hanna

Click here to read:

February 10th, 2020

"Blackhawk realizes significant savings using single-dose purging compound"

Written by: Clare Goldsberry

Click here to read:

April 2nd, 2020

"Spring Cleaning in the Tool Room: 5 Jobs to Do Now"

By: Bryan Whitaker

Click here to read:

November 6th, 2020

"iD Additives Adds Products to Its Eco-Pro 360 Rust Removal and Cooling Channel Cleaning Product Line"

Click here to read:

September 2020

"How to clean tempering channels?"

By: Laura Florez, PhD

Click here to read:

October 1st, 2020

"How to Use Flushing to Clean Cooling Passages and Heat Exchangers"

Click here to read:

What iD Additives learned in 2020

The iD Additives team learned a lot of different things in 2020. We asked all the employees to share what they have learned and to provide a picture they took this year that they felt explained 2020 for them:

"I learned how lucky we are to be part of an industry that is so essential to our day to day lives. The plastics industry as a whole stepped up to the challenge and has really come through. We have found new ways to connect and help each other reach our goals. I look forward to reconnecting with customers and prospects in the future face to face, while still being able to use new technology to help with customer support."-Nick Sotos- President

Pictured: This is Nick's version of "How it Started and How it is Going" meme. The picture on the left is from January and the picture on the right is from a week ago. We all call him Santa now!

"2020 was like trying to stand up in a hammock.

In all seriousness though, I felt as though there was a greater sense of community, both personally and professionally. The willingness from others to share their experiences and assist with challenges, as we all push through the many obstacles of COVID-19, has been incredible. I’m sure history will show how quickly we pivoted and navigated through this pandemic in relative comparison to previous fatal outbreaks, even though it doesn’t feel anything is moving forward while we’re in the midst of it. The best advice I can give to those in our industry headed into 2021, is to keep your eyes open and ears on the floor; change happens quickly. If you find yourself saying, “back in the day,” you’re already behind.."- Bryan Whitaker- Technical Manager

Pictured: Bryan at the warehouse doing Virtual Demos and Zoom Chats with Sales & Marketing Assistant, Carolyn Young. Can you spot the hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes?

"In 2020 I learned that people, specifically our employees, are incredibly resilient and adaptable. We had employees put in challenging situations that were unexpected and unprecedented situations. We had employees juggle remote learning or early childhood care that went on FAR longer than anyone ever expected. We had an employee command a fleet of trucks and on-demand shipping from a dining room table. We had an employee pound out creative content with an up beat attitude and a desire to help everyone succeed. Our employees put in the time – whenever they could, wherever they could – to keep things running and customers supplied & happy. I knew we had a great team before. Now I am convinced we have the best team in the business!”- Lindsay Hosanna- Office Manager

Pictured: Lindsay's two kids (Edison & Eleanor) virtual learning back in March & The Heart Project on her window. It was meant to cheer up all the kids when everything started shutting down.

"Professionally, I learned the Plastics Industry is strong and we all come together to help each other out in the unknown. I had some amazing conversations and got some great advice from colleagues & co-workers during a time of need. I think that is really special and I don't think most industries can say that. Personally, I learned in 2020 that the time is now. There is no point in waiting to accomplish your goals or dreams no matter how big or small they may seem. Also, attitude is everything. This year had its challenges, but I learned that you can control how you look at situations and they are what you make of them. I was supposed to get married in November. My husband and I decided to cancel our 140 person wedding and move it up to June. We had a small 30 person wedding in my parent's backyard. And for that, 2020 will always hold a special place in my heart." - Carolyn Young- Sales & Marketing Assistant

Pictured: photos by Mandelette Photography on Carolyn's wedding day in June

"What explains 2020 to me.

(My Beard),

Started smooth,

Then got really rough,

Awkward, and sometimes irritating.

At times difficult to Manage.

Now looking better, still work in progress.

About the plastic industry: You can’t beat experience

What I have learned professionally: My comfort zone has always been at the machine doing tests, I have learned how to communicate with the tech staff remotely".-Ron Bishop- Technical Manager

Pictured: Ron Bishop with is wife, son, and daughter-in-law in the Grear Springs in MO. Lots of outdoor activities this year!

"I have always felt this way.. but not sure how many people think about this: Truck drivers are some of our most essential workers. Most are required to travel the country—in every “hot spot” there is. Without them we would have no food on our tables, PPE, cleaning products and disinfectants, of course toilet paper, and the vaccines that may be our only way out of this nightmare we’ve endured in 2020. If you ask me, drivers should be able to get the vaccine first if they so choose, in order for us to receive ours! Thanks to all the truck drivers that have done so much this year."- Heather Vitullo- Logistics Manager

Pictured: Heather with her husband and three daughters. Lots of family time and nature walks this year!

"I learned how to set-up my first Purge ZOOM Presentation from my home office due to COVID with my new employer, iD Additives. This is the future for some of the training that will take place with customers.-Dave Denzel- Technical Manager

Pictured: Dave's set up for his Purge Zoom Chats in December! The year of virtual meeting and events.

"I learned that adaptability is the most underrated trait a human being can possess."-Jeff Chierici- Aurora Warehouse Manager

Pictured: Jeff's two kids with masks on in the car. Very 2020!

"With the 2020 year coming to a close , it reminds me how thankful I am to be a part of a great team and industry that's done an amazing job through all of the confusion and uncertainty for many! I look forward to new possibilities and technology in the plastics industry as we progress towards the future"-Matt Dillard- Texas Warehouse Manager

Pictured: Does this even need an explanation? We all remember this in March & April!

"In 2020, I learned how resilient people and business can be in the face of a global pandemic. The way some businesses, and schools adapted to the new normal with remote learning and working from home was really amazing. It opened up the business world to another way of doing things after the pandemic is over. As REM said: “It’s the end of the world as we know it.”

I am extremely grateful to be in an industry that was essential and not greatly affected by the shut downs. I know many people are suffering this year because of job loss and can’t pay their bills or for essentials. I also reaffirmed that I am very good at doing puzzles and can’t wait for the White Sox to get back on the field with me in the stands. I also learned that my family loves me, but would rather I went to work every day."-John Sotos- Operations Manager

Pictured: White Sox puzzle that John did with his wife and daughter. A very 2020 activity!

We are thankful for this year and think 2021 will be very positive for all. The iD Additives team wishes you all a Healthy and Happy Holidays and New Year!

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