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iD Eco-Pro 360 System

Our iD Eco-Pro System is comprised of the Eco-Pro cart (two sizes) and was created for using the Eco-Pro 360 chemical.

iD Eco-Pro 360 System is a Preventative Maintenance Cleaning System with a pump and filter combination unit. It removes, protects and helps prevent rust within the cooling passages, heat exchangers and water lines. The built-in filter function allows the

Eco-Pro 360 solution to remain at peak performance for optimal reusability.


The cart is designed to be used with 5 to 30 gallons of material.  


specs &



  • Acid resistant components – designed for the Eco-Pro 360 chemical

  • Runs off your compressed air – no electrical needed

  • Safe operation – independently ceases if needed

  • Filters out contaminants, so Eco-Pro 360 can be reused

  • Safe operation- independently ceases when a blockage is present, avoiding downstream ruptures

iD Eco-Pro 360 is reusable until it is gone!

iD Eco-Pro Cart Applications

  • Cooling Passages

  • Heat Exchangers (plate and tube)

  • TCUs/Thermolators

  • Water Lines

  • Chill Rolls 

  • Chill rails

  • Feed Sections 

  • Tools

  • And MORE!- If it's running water, and you're experiencing  scaling, we can clean it! 

In addition to our YouTube videos demonstrating various applications, we are pleased to offer virtual one-on-one demos! Or training sessions if you are a new user or one of our pre-existing 200 users who would like a refresher. We have the capability to record these sessions and privately share them with you, so you can incorporate into your internal training program, or would like detailed instructions for your specific application.

We offer an XL Cart for larger tools, chill rolls, sidecars, and thermoforming molds!

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning System
Check out our videos! 
Preventative Maintenance Cleaning System

iD Eco-Pro 360 Testimonial 

"The Eco Pro 360 is quickly becoming a “shop favorite” tool due to it’s ease of use and cleaning performance. Many of our donated course molds arrive with water lines that are plugged with rust, mineral deposits and just general crude.  The Eco Pro makes quick work of these no matter the level of contamination.  Our course attendees that purchase the Eco Pro tell us that once set-up with the appropriate quick disconnect fittings, keeping the water lines clean is fast and much more cost effective than other larger, more expensive units on the market.  We highly recommend the Eco Pro as a  “must have” shop tool that will keep your cooling lines clean and your molds running better!" - Steve Johnson, MoldTrax

Bryan Whitaker

Meet the Technical Manager for the iD Eco-Pro 360:
Bryan Whitaker
​MoldTrax trained and very experienced with flushing out tools, cooling passages, heat exchangers, and more. Bryan is always excited to share his knowledge on scientific cooling, incorporating descaling into your current PM program, or answer any questions about rust maintenance in the plastics industry.

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