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iD QuickShots® are single dose purge compounds designed to simplify the purge process while reducing the overall costs. iD QuickShots® are easy to use and require no soaking or temperature adjustments - just drop into the feed throat/hopper and follow with your resin.


  • iD QuickShots® (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch)

  • iD QuickShots® HD (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch with glass prills for extra strength)

  • iD QuickShots® SP (QuickShots® pellets in a pouch including extra small 1/2 oz version, ideal for lab lines and small machines)

iD Quick Shots- 1 oz./box of 50 packets

SKU: PG1199
  • iD QuickShots® (QuickShots® Liquid in a Pouch)

    iD Quick Shots- 1oz. box/ 50 packets 

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