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Plastics News-Marketing Summit and Women Breaking The Mold

This week iD Additives attending two amazing conferences- Plastics News Marketing Summit and Plastics News Women Breaking The Mold Networking Forum

Plastics News-Marketing Summit

On Monday, iD Additives was nominated for the Plastics News Campaign of the Year Award. This award recognizes different companies in the Plastics Industry and their efforts to market their companies in a unique way. This can consist of redesign, re-branding, advertisement, and more.

Our President, Nick Sotos, took the stage with the other 3 nominees who were Team 1 Plastics, M. Holland, and Extreme Tool & Engineering to answer questions about how they strategically planned their campaign and what results they saw from it. iD Additives used help from Next Step Communications to create ads for our Micro Fine Cell, Quickshots, Liquid Color, and more. We completely redesigned our booth for NPE 2018 and made new brochures for our company/products. iD Additives wanted a more clear and consistent message to help get our name out their in the industry. Our company also did multiple trade shows this year and had new signs made for the booths and made sure to push out our product. Also, we redesigned our website to match our booth, brochure, and overall marketing message. Since launching this new campaign and advertisements our web traffic has increased by 112%, we have received more sample requests, and we made the Inc. 5000 list this year after being off the list last year. We believe our campaign helped us get back on the Inc. 5000 list and more.

Photo Creds: Plastics News

iD Additives wants to congratulate M. Holland for winning the 2018 Campaign of the Year. We also wanted to congratulate Team 1 Plastics and Extreme Tool & Engineering for the nomination. It was an honor to be on stage with you all and to share in this recognition. So many creative ideas and campaigns this year.

We also wanted to thank Greg Hannoosh with Next Step Communications. He helped us with all our advertising, marketing, and booth design. Without his help, we would have not been finalists for the Campaign of the Year.

We also want to thank all the speakers at the Marketing Summit. We learned so much from all of you. iD Additives creative caps are on after this conference!

Plastics News- Women Breaking the Mold Networking Forum

On Tuesday, iD Additives had the pleasure to attend Plastics News Women Breaking the Mold Networking Forum. The day consisted of many different women in the Plastics Industry sharing how they have "Broken The Mold".

The day started off with our keynote speaker, Donna Davis, who was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame in 2018. Throughout the day, we heard many speakers and panels give their advice, experiences, and more about their years in the Plastics Industry. iD Additives had a blast at this event and really enjoyed networking and hearing all these inspring women's stories.

These past two days, iD Additives has learned so much from so many experienced and intelligent people. We thank Plastics News for putting these two conferences together and we also thank all the speakers who took time out of their days to come and teach/share with us!

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