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iD Additives 2018 Wrap Up

Wow! 2018 is over...this year flew by! iD Additives was very busy this year and we are proud of all of our accomplishments in 2018. Here is a summary of all the things we did this year:

Trade shows

Plastics News- Plastics in Automotive 2018- January 15th-16th- Detroit, MI

Photo: Ron Bishop (Technical Manager) and John Sotos (Operations Manager)

PLASTEC WEST 2018-February 6th-8th- Anaheim, CA

We will be in this show again in February 2019

Photo: John Sotos (Operation Manager) and Nick Sotos (President)

Molding 2018- February 27th-March 1st- Long Beach, CA

Photo: Nick Sotos (President) giving a speech on our Micro Fine Cell

NPE 2018-May 7th-11th-Orlando, FL

This was our second time having a booth at NPE and it was a successful show for iD Additives!

Photo: John Sotos (Operation Manager), Nick Sotos (President), Ron Bishop (Technical Manager), and Brian Cochran (Technical Manager)

Plastics News Plastics Caps and Closures- September 12th-14th-Chicago, IL

Photo: Bryan Whitaker (Account Representative), Nick Sotos (President), and Brian Cochran (Technical Manager)

Plastics Technology Extrusion 2018- September 18th-20th-Cleveland, OH

Photo: Nick Sotos (President) gave a speech on our product QuickShots

Plastics Technology México Live 2018-September 26th-27th-Querétaro, México

Photo: Nick Sotos (President) giving a presentation on our Micro Fine Cell

SPE Blow Molding Conference 2018-October 8th-10th- Pittsburgh, PA

Photo: Brian Cochran (Technical Manager)

MAPP Benchmarking and Best Practices 2018- October 10th-12th-Indianapolis, IN

Photo: Nick Sotos (President) and Carolyn Sotos (Sales and Marketing Assistant)

Events/ Milestones

In 2018, we introduced two new QuickShot purge products

QuickShots HD (heavy duty) and QuickShots SP (pellets in pouch). We featured these new products at NPE 2018.

Our fearless President Nick Sotos, shaved his head and raised $6,960 for St. Balricks's for his 13th year in a row! All of us here at iD Additives are so proud of his commitment to charity!

SPE Chicago Golf Outing-June 25th-We always have a blast at this event!

iD Additives sponsored this event.

SPE Milwaukee Golf Outing- July 16th

We sponsored this golf outing as well.

SPE Detroit 2018- September 4th- It was a gorgeous day for golf!

iD Additives sponsored this golf outing as well. (We clearly love golf here at iD Additives!)

New Warehouse for iD Additives and Carver Plastic Products!

We are so excited to expand our business and give our customers the best service and lead time we possibly can.

iD Additives made it on the Inc. 5000 list for our 7th time coming in at 4,573!

"I am very proud of everyone at iD Additives, we have very innovative products that are supported by a great team. We will continue to strive to be the best each year.”- President/ Founder- Nick Sotos

iD Additives was nominated by Plastics News for Campaign of the Year!

Even though we did not win, we were honored to share the stage with the other nominees and we thank Greg Hannoosh with Next Step Communications, Inc. for all his help with our advertising in 2018!

iD Additives filmed a new video to showcase our QuickShots purging system!

Video coming soon! Stay tuned!

iD Additives introduced a new product called iD Eco-Pro 360

iD Eco-Pro 360 is a high performance one-step rust remover and provides extended rust protection. EPA tested and verified - this product is a green, water-based, environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable, ready-to-use rust remover and long-term rust preventative. Ask us about a sample today!

Check out our video of us using the Eco-Pro 360 to remove rust:

It's Official! Both iD Additives and our sister company, Carver Plastic Products got Facebook pages!

Make sure to find us and like us on Facebook to see all of what we do in 2019!

October 15th-Lyons Township High School-iD Additives sponsored the SPE Plastivan-Western Springs, IL

We sponsored the SPE Plastivan to teach high school Sophomores about the plastics industry and the science behind plastic! This is such an amazing program. If you are interested in sponsoring the Plastivan, please email us for more information!

Articles/ Ads

iD Additives were featured in many magazines with our QuickShots Ad and our Micro Fine Cell Foaming Agent Ads

Also, with the help of Next Step Communication, Inc.,

iD Additives completely redesigned our Ads and brochures.

iD Additives were also featured in some of the following Magazines and Articles:

-Plastics Today- February 9th, 2018- "ID Additives will introduce two new QuickShots purge products at NPE2018" by: Clare Goldsberry

-Plastics Solutions- February 19th, 2018- "Fast & Easy Purging with iD Additives’ New Single-dose Purge Compounds: NPE2018" by: SpecialChem

-Plastics News- March 12th, 2018- "iD Additives to display QuickShots at NPE2018" by: Roger Renstrom

-Plastics Technology Magazine- April 12th, 2018- "NPE Preview-Resin and Additives" by: Lilli Manolis Sherman

-Plastics Machinery-April 2018- "QuickShots Line Gaining 2 Additional Grades"

-Plastics News- May 16th, 2018- "iD Additives working towards global footprint" by: David Hutton

-Plastics Business- Issue 3-2018 Fall- "Foaming Agents: Impact on Production Efficiency of Custom Closures" by: Mike Uhrain



Our President, Nick Sotos was interviews by Plastics News at the Caps and Closures show in September

Check out the interview here:

We wish you all a Happy Holidays here at iD Additives and thank you for a great 2018. We are excited about 2019!

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