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iD Additives 2019 Wrap Up

The iD Additives team can't believe all that we have accomplished in 2019! It was a very busy and successful year for us and we are feeling proud of everything we have done this year. Here is a summary of all the things we did:

Trade Shows

PLASTEC WEST-Anaheim, CA- February 5th-7th, 2019

We will be at PLASTEC 2020!

Plastics in Motion-Charlotte, NC- March 6th, 2019

Nick Sotos (President) gave a speech on our Micro Fine Cell Foaming Agent

SPE ANTEC 2019- Detroit, MI- March 18th-21st, 2019

Plastics Technology Molding 2019- Indianapolis, IN- March 19th-21st

This was the first Trade Show where we featured our iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart!

SPE Auto Epcon-Troy, MI-May 7th

Amerimold-Rosemont, IL- June 12th-13th

Plastics News Caps & Closures-Chicago, IL September 11th-12th

SPE ABC Blow Molding Conference- Atlanta, GA- September 16th-18th

Plastics Technology Extrusion 2019- Rosemont, IL- September 17th-18th

MAPP Conference 2019- Indianapolis, IN- October 2nd-4th

Events/ Milestones

In 2019, we introduced our iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart

iD Eco-Pro 360 cart is a pump and filter combination unit. It removes, protects and helps prevent rust within the cooling passages, heat exchangers and water lines. The built-in filter function allows the

Eco-Pro 360 solution to remain at peak performance for optimal reusability.

We opened up our Online Store on our website!

We sell all of our types of Quick Shots and all sizes of iD Eco-Pro 360

In 2019, iD Additives did our first Webinar on our iD Eco-Pro 360 with Plastics Technology

MoldTrax Training

In 2019, Bryan Whitaker received his Mold Maintenance & Repair Certification to learn more about how the iD Eco-Pro 360 can be applied in the Plastics Industry!

Our Marketing Manager, Carolyn Sotos started a new blog

This blog is where all things Plastics Industry is talked about! Check it out!

iD Additives started a new Lunch 'n Learn Program for our products!

iD Additives started a YouTube channel and hit 100 subscribers! Our next goal is to hit 1,000 subscribers!

Click here to subscribe today!

Our fearless leader Nick Sotos, shaved his head for his 14th year in a row for St. Baldrick's

He raised $4,570! Go Nick!

Everyone on the iD Additives team got CPR Certified by the American Red Cross. Safety is a priority!

iD Additives sponsored the SPE Chicago Section Golf outing on June 24th!

On August 16th, SPE Chicago had our Day at the Races event! It was a blast!

iD Additives sponsored the SPE Automotive Golf Outing in Auburn Hills, MI

On October 11th, iD Additives hosted its first ever Open House at our Aurora, IL Warehouse.

Our Technical Manager, Bryan Whitaker performed different flushing on Heat Exchangers, Cooling Passages, and Tools. We offered free lunch and raffled off a Yeti Cooler. We did Facebook Live to stream the demo for people who couldn't attend. Overall, it was a successful Open House and we can't wait to do more in 2020.

We sponsored SPE Plastivan at the local high school, Lyons Township! We love going to school to teach the future generation of plastics!

The women of iD Additives went to Nashville, TN on November 11th to attend the Plastics News: Women Breaking the Mold Conference!

iD Additives Named PCS Company Exclusive Distributor for Eco-Pro Rust Removal Systems to Molders & Moldmakers in the USA

Click here for Press Release

In the beginning of December, we did a photo shoot with our amazing Techincal Managers

Look out for these pictures in 2020- exciting things coming!

Articles/ Ads

iD Additives had many new Ads and Banners made for our iD Eco-Pro 360!

iD Additives was also featured in many different articles! Here are some we were featured in 2019:

-Plastics Today- January 3rd, 2019- "Eco-friendly rust removal and prevention product introduced for plastics processors" by: Clare Goldsberry- Click here to read!

-PlastikCity North America- January 8th, 2019- "iD Additives Introduces New iD Eco-Pro 360 Eco-friendly Rust Remover and Preventative"- Click here to read!

-Plastics News- January 18th, 2019- "ID Additives introduces rust removal, prevention product" by: Bill Bregar- Click here to read!

-Plastics Technology- March 1st, 2019- "Tooling: System Clears & Prevents Rust in Cooling Lines"- Click here to read!

-Plastics Today- March 1st, 2019- "New pump/ filter system protects internal cooling lines from rust" by: Clare Goldsberry- Click here to read!

-PlastikCity North America- March 6th, 2019- "iD Additives Introduces New Pump/ Filter System for Eco-Pro 360"- Click here to read!

-Plastics Engineering-May 8th, 2019- "Presto, Change-O! Quick-change tools save time on the floor shop" by: Geoff Giordano- Click here to read!

-MoldMaking Technology- May 10th, 2019- "Pump and Filter System Removes and Prevents Rust" by: Cyndi Kustush- Click here to read!

-MoldMaking Technology- October 24th, 2019- Click here to read! "iD Additives Open House Demonstrated Rust Remover Product" by: Cyndi Kustush-

-Plastics Technology México-November 20th, 2019- "iD Additives presented product news in Open House"- Click here to read!

-Plastics Technolohy- December 3rd, 2019- "iD Additives Names PCS Company the Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Rust Removal System" by: Tony Deligio- Click here to read!

-MoldMaking Technology- December 3rd, 2019- "iD Additives Names PCS Company Exclusive Distributor" by: Cyndi Kustush- Click here to read!

-The American Mold Builder-December 3rd, 2019-" iD Additives Names PCS Exclusive iD Eco-Pro 360 Distributor to US Injection Molders and Moldmakers"- Click here to read!

Everyone on the iD Additives team wishes you a Happy Holidays! We are so excited for 2020 and all the amazing things we have planned. Thank you!

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